“Confrontation” gets in2 “Up with Art”

I am going to share what I typed out for an artist statement, even though it isn’t necessary since the testimonial I had used for The New School of Colour ( Which I submitted as my artist bio for the art show “Up with Art”) is good enough to qualify as both my bio and statement. But hey, I can still share it online.

Here it goes…

“I use art as a form of expression. I’m told numerous times that I am very in tune with my emotions, and am extremely passionate when it comes to my art. For me it is therapeutic.  Art allows me to let go of the negative emotions and turn it into something captivating. I could have said beautiful, but not all art has to be beautiful. It could be horrific, but still captivating. I look up to artists such as; Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, H.R Giger, and my high school art teacher (Rhonda Bobinski). I strive to be a multi-media surrealist artist, and to be inspiring.

My work is a collage of thoughts, emotions, and ideas. It may not make much sense to my viewer, but it makes perfect sense to me. Some of my art is experimental, and my surroundings take an influence on my art. I like to challenge myself by manipulating and mixing mediums together to see what I can create. In a lot of my pieces you will notice that a woman wearing a gas mask appears quite frequently. Whenever I am experiencing a struggle in my life, she appears in my art. To me she resembles strength. She’s a warrior.

“Confrontation” is my most revealing piece yet. In past projects I would just give glimpses or hints of my own life experiences. It’s about my abusive ex taking our children, and not returning them home. It reveals a secret that he wanted to keep silent, our miscarried child; Lucius. At that time he had a restraining order, he wasn’t supposed to be around but he was. Closer to the center images become more positive with things that symbolize art, music and laughter. It reveals my spiritual journey. All I’m trying to attempt with this project is the truth. Lying to workers for the sake of my ex cost me the loss of my children. Plus refusing to reconcile and have intercourse with my ex. Him not being able to take no for an answer, I paid the price for saying no.

While creating “Confrontation” I was being harassed through text messages by my ex, which added more angry emotions and darkness to the art piece.  I am done lying. It’s not worth it, and I choose the path of truth. ”

Anyway, all the paper work is complete and I handed in my art work to be framed. I am in.

So yeah, this year Pooks will be a part of “Up with Art”. My friend (Marshall Custus) reminisces of last years show. It sounds like quite the experience. I look forward to it.

“Up with Art” takes place at the Palace Theatre in London, Ontario on April 5th, 2012. Tickets are $20 in advance. Or $25 at the door. It is a fund-raising event in support of Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness. For more information call (519) 433-8809, or go to the website at: www.upwithart.ca

Hope to see you there! 🙂


By pooks82

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