The gift of Giving

On a positive note, minus my own personal problems. At least I can do something for others with Up with Art approaching. %50 of whatever my art piece raises will go to The Unity Project, helping the homeless.

I somewhat helped Jeremy Jeresky with a New School of Colour workshop that included children from The Women’s Community House. Me, being the harshest critic on myself, think I could have done better.

But I always analyze myself and think that, especially when it comes to  children.

I sent an e-mail out to see how I would be able to participate in Make a Wishes Foundations ; “Go Blue! Go Bald!” event. A fundraiser to raise money for the Make-a-Wish foundation. An organization that grants wishes to children with life threatening medical conditions.  I wouldn’t mind getting a blue faux halk, or mohawk for a good cause. Hopefully it’s not too late to participate.

Giving to others lifts my spirit, even though I myself barely have much to give at all. Even if it’s just laughter.

I don’t know. Even though the world tries to force the illusion that money and material things are important, they aren’t.

I don’t know who the controlling bitch was that came up with the idea of money, and that you have to “work” for it. I look at it as stepping into a form of slavery. So yeah, of coarse I don’t look forward to becoming involved with it. But I believe it wasn’t always like that. It’s not meant to be. There was a time where we shared, and traded. We are all given gifts (forms) of talent for a reason.

I also find it strange how we value vehicles more so than ourselves. Cars get given paved roads, parking lots, and their own built house a.k.a the garage. We fight, and people die just for oil to power their engines. We pollute our own natural resources for the sake of a car! We will cut down trees, which supplies our oxygen, for the sake of a car! Does this not sound stupid to anyone else?

The world is supposedly “in order.” But couldn’t be anymore chaotic and ridiculous.

I kind of trailed off to a complete different topic, but they both relate to giving. It’s like we forget how. Blinded by this “fend  for yourself” attitude. Selfish and greedy. I don’t want to forget.

So even though I don’t have much to give, I am going to give all that I can. – Pooks

By pooks82

One comment on “The gift of Giving

  1. Another great blog post! You are right to see money as a trap and work as a form of slavery. We just accept so many unacceptable things as normal and it is VERY smart and healthy to question what our society expects us to take for granted. You are much more wise than you think you are, and that’s normal too!

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