Aimlessly Guided

I’m back!!

I’ve been getting more preoccupied lately.  It’s good though. I am keeping myself busy. More opportunities are becoming available. It’s good to see my calendar/ planner fill up with tasks and such. Just like it use to when I had my children home.

I’ve started to attend the New School of Colour sessions on Wednesday mornings at My Sisters Place. Matter of fact, Wednesdays have become my busiest day of the week.  Anyway, where was I? My Sisters Place, right. The project was to draw and paint a tree. It was a good exercise. Sometimes I forget to let go of the control and just let the art create itself. Let it be more loose and spontaneous. It was a good reminder. I will be working on that project again this coming Wednesday. I’ll start painting it this week. I have a good friend that texts me in the morning, kind of like a wake up call because I am really not a morning person at all. I am still somewhat scatter-brained. But maintaining some control at least. Ahem, with some assistance.

On Wednesdays I also have my appointments with Leads Employment Services, and then I have a visit with my children in the evening. So it’s a pretty busy day.

Tonight, I went to the New School of Colour at the Ark Aid Street Mission. I think I am finally starting to wrap my head around blending with oil paints. I’ve put the other project aside, and have been working on something with basic shapes. It seems to be easier for me to work from the darkest to lighter shades. What I was doing before was the opposite. Light to dark, and yeah, I was struggling. So the facilitator sat down with me, and showed me how he does it. Which is good, because I learn things visually and hands on.

Over the weekend, I helped Jeremy Jeresky with the mural at At’Losha. Which was basically touch-ups. Such as the outlining of parts of  the mural. I was more than happy to help. My sister use to volunteer at At’losha. So contributing to something she use to be a part of, a place where her presence use to light up the room. Ya know? Of coarse I’d help out.

Last I heard, my sister was coming back to Ontario. Probably Ottawa. That’s what I think. It’s been awhile since I heard from her.

What else? Tomorrow evening I volunteer at The Arts Project again, so I’m super stoked. My OW worker said being a floater will give me domestic experience, but I am hoping to learn more than just that while I’m there. I am enjoying it though, and I just love being surrounded by music and art.

That’s another thing. I got another opportunity offer as a volunteer to me yesterday. Jeremy asked if volunteering for the New School of Colour would count to whom it may concern. So I talked about it with my OW worker, she said as long as I do not go over 70 hours, I’m good. She doesn’t see why not. Plus I’m currently only getting 3 hours here and there with The Arts Project. I am kind of on call, but through e-mail. Both are art related, I’m not sure where either will take me, but an opportunity is an opportunity. I’m just kind of going with the flow. Everything happens for a reason. One day it will all make sense. Anyway, I am going to talk about it more with my worker from Leads Employment Services on Wednesday, then take it from there.

What else? I am loving the boxercise program that I attend. Even if my muscles get kind of sore the next day, and makes my mobility a bit awkward. I sweat my ass off, and I love it. Although sometimes my schedule kind of collides within itself, and there are days where I am unable to attend because of other priorities.

November 12th was my friend’s ( Julie) birthday. She’s been an amazing support. I gave her the latest issue of Grit Uplifted Issue #3 last week.  So the page that my art is on will be framed and up on her wall. I think she’s the person I’ve known the longest here in London. She’s been there for me through two abusive relationships. She helped get me away from one. She’s like a sister, a friend, and kind of motherly in a way. She’s definitely one of the friends I cherish because she’s always been good to me. If I need to rant, she’s there to listen. Sometimes she’ll even rant with me. Sometimes we’ll sit there in silence, but still enjoy each-others company. I like her because she’s got a rebellious edge to her. Which is kind of like myself. Probably why we get along so great. There’s years between us, but that doesn’t even matter. She’s my hard-core friend, that can make me laugh by just being herself. We will be watching t.v or something, and an advertisement will start up a hilarious rant. I love her. Happy Birthday Julie.  – Pooks

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Around and Around I Go

So everything seems to be sorted out with O.W. Until the end of the month, I’m sure I will be running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Never fails. I should just expect it. Why I was so surprised, I have no idea.

I am doing well though, and I will only keep on climbing.

I started volunteering at The Arts Project as a floater at their events. My first night was Thursday night. The event was called Creative Minds 2012, it was presenting collected works by people who attend PEPP ( The Prevention and Early Intervention Program for Psychoses). I was blown away by the talent I seen that night, the art, the music, the poetry. There was some amazing stuff. Anyway, my job was basically to clean up odds and ends lying around as the event went on, count the number of attendance, answer questions if people had any. Although nobody really did. So I was to blend in to the crowd, and not putting too much focus on myself. Just kind of be a fly on the wall sort of deal. Easy, I can do that. After the event ended, I helped stack chairs, and other things to clear the space back up. I was told I did an excellent job. I had such an adrenaline rush from that. It felt good. Being surrounded by music, and art. I love it.

Although, I did not leave this event without leaving my mark. There was a public collaboration piece, so that anyone can participate. They had these little stones to write on, and stuck them into a display. So I wrote “Art Saves” on a stone, and tagged the back of it with my alias name; Pooks.

So yes, my volunteer work has begun. I’m kind of on call. Floaters get e-mails to see what dates are available.  I’ve been jumping on every opportunity I can get my hands on. My next day is the 13th. I want to learn and absorb as much as I can while I’m there.

Besides that, court was November 1st, and it has been adjourned. Although, it sounds like things are only getting better. It doesn’t sound like either my ex are I are  considered a “concern” to C.A.S.  I know my counselor was getting me all riled up and worried. But after seeing the court documents, it looks as though my ex is confronting his demons. He too is going to counseling, and attending employment services. So I am relieved. I could be wrong about my ex, and maybe he’s not a big bad horrible monster. At least he’s doing what’s best for the kids on his end. I’ll continue do my best from mine. It doesn’t mean I’ll take him back. But it gives me hope that one day I can let go of the pain, and truly forgive.

What else? The third issue of Grit Uplifted is out. Once again, my art is in it. 2 pages of Pooks. That’s pretty cool. The magazine is available in a number of locations throughout London, Ontario. Such as the London Public Library, the Inter-community Health Centre, Ark Aid Street Mission, Men’s Mission, WOTCH, My Sister’s Place, The Palace Theatre, The Grand Theatre, East Village Coffee House, etc.

You can view it right here at the following link:

Don Krauskopf made my day yesterday. He too is a member of the New School of Colour, his art can also be seen in the new issue of Grit Uplifted #3. Anyway, he told me that Scott ( a man who had bought an art piece of mine in the past) had given my art to his wife and she loved it. They went to get it professionally framed, and it’s looking really sharp these days. It’s good to hear that they love my work, and they are taking care of it. Don said to keep it up, my fans love my work. That was really good to hear.

As for my oil painting. I don’t think it will be complete anytime soon. Not in time for the “Putting a Picture to Poverty” event. As I am putting it aside for now, to learn more of how to work and master the medium. It’s been a challenge. So I will be working along side with Jeremy Jeresky on a project, that will be kind of a learning experiment/ collaboration. That’s fine with me. I’m in “ultra”sponge mode. Learn as much as I can.

So things are good. I am very thankful. And no matter how much I try to deter from art, ya know? I try to get into retail or something. I am always led back to art. So perhaps I should just accept it. I know being an artist is not an easy route, but perhaps it’s just meant to be.  On a positive note, once successful, artists have a broad range of opportunities. Take H.R Giger for example; His art was used for the very architecture for his very own museum bar.  Jonathan Davis, the singer of Korn, got him to design his microphone, and he’s done designs for Ibanez, a very successful guitar company. That’s just to name a few things. So there are many possibilities, the challenge is getting the right person to spot your work. It is possible. Even though many do not wish me to go this route, and perhaps do not believe in me,  I do and I will get there one day. -Pooks


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