Hope = Change

Idle No More: About Those Indians.

I know I’ve been told to not get involved in politics. But when it could effect me, my future, my children’s future, and their children’s future (even though my children are still children, but still, that day may come someday) , something needs to be done. A mass of voices is stronger than one.

I may not know much about my ancestry or heritage, but I do know that it is in my blood to protect the land. To protect the resources, our Creator’s beauty that feeds life to so many things. Which is probably why I feel so strongly about water and tree’s. Without water, everything would become dry and dehydrated. Without tree’s there’s no oxygen. Without either, life cannot flourish.

I am shocked that Stephen Harper would just sign our natural resources off like that. Had he not thought of how his own family would be effected? Or has he been so corrupted by greed he didn’t even consider the risks he’s putting everyone through? Supposedly he’s a Christian. I’ve been going to a Christian church, and I do not believe those actions are at all Christian-like.

Natives, Aboriginals, Indigenous, or First Nation people deserve to be treated as an equal.

I found myself questioning what did Christianity do to my people? But it is not all Christianity, because I believe the church I go to is different. I haven’t been shunned, but accepted. So it’s the religious extremists. When that faith and love turns to hate and remorse. It’s like they lose focus, or everything becomes too literal to the point of being evil.

I think the reason why native elders do not share that part of history, what happened to them in residential schools, is so that the past could be left where it was, and to protect their young from the pain they knew. Problem is, there is still discrimination. So the young are left clueless to why it is so. Past issues reach the surface from time to time because that hate was taught and past on to others.

Idle No More has a tremendous impact. Not only is it uniting separate native tribes and cultures, but it’s uniting other races around the world. Diversity united as one, is a beautiful thing. I’ve witnessed that beauty in a small space at the New School of Colour, but to see that kind of beauty world wide is breathtaking. It is hope. Some people fear hope because it means change.

I hope you take the time to view the link I provided. Idle No More is not something to fear, in fact, it is something to embrace.

Quote Soup on Twitter posted a quote I will share to finalize this blog post of mine.

“Follow your hopes and not your fears.” – Quote Soup @Quote_Soup on Twitter

By pooks82

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