Fictional Division

I saw a post on Facebook regarding Idle No More, and it said;

“You are on Indian land.”

Pandora’s box has been opened, and here comes another rant. I usually try to only post once a week, but when a writer is inspired, they must write. So here it goes…

“This land is your land. This land is my land…”

Ugh! That’s the problem! People are still trying to claim the land when in fact, the land belongs to no one. Not even to those who “buy property” with their imaginary money. If you really think about it, Money is worthless. It is a make believe system that has brainwashed all people into thinking it has any value once so ever.

As for the land, no one owns it! Not even your precious Queen. Forget the countries, the provinces, the states, etc. Borders are imaginary lines. Without them we are all on the same rock. We seem to think lakes, seas, and oceans have divided the land. Umm.. no, Earth is one big rock. I mean, the earth still exists at the bottom of the sea. It’s still all connected. As for these borders, there is nothing dividing us besides what we have imagined in our minds.

We are nothing but guests on this Earth, and our duty while we are here is to take care of it. Each of us is only here temporarily. We all die.  Accept it. You are not immortal. Your body becomes fertilizer for the Earth. I would take that as a sign, that perhaps the Earth is more valuable than your precious money, or whatever ridiculous materials you find valuable, even your own body.I am suddenly reminded of a Slipknot song; People = Shit. Haha! Anyway,  We own nothing. It’s not like we can take anything with us when we die, not even our bodies. So yeah, claiming you own the land. Haha! Get over yourself, someone needs to pop that capitalist ego.

But no, we create these barriers that separate everyone from one another. Wither it be over Religion, Wealth, Ethnicity, Sexuality, Gender, etc.We create imaginary lines.

And instead of taking care of, or being grateful for our natural resources, we abuse it, we poison it, all for this imaginary value of money.

Even though there are other options available to produce energy, we use the most deadly and poisonous options; nuclear power and oil.

So my conclusion is; people are dumb. Not only that, but people are insane. It doesn’t matter how many times we have oil spills, we’re fuckin idiots that never learn, and just keep doing the same thing over and over again.

I’d say we are like brainless monkeys, but that would be insulting the monkeys. Heck! At this rate, a monkey is more intelligent than a human being. Animals wouldn’t do the shit we do. This whole idea of jobs to make money so we can live in our homes. Animals don’t pay to live, yet we do. We pay mortgages, rent, taxes, etc. We even pay for our damn food! Yeah, animals do work in a way, they hunt, they nurture and teach their young, but at least their way of living is a lot more logical than ours. It’s called survival. Compared to an animal, the way we do things just sounds utterly stupid. They don’t pay fuck all for anything with “cash”.

And here humans think they are the greater species. Ha! We’re all a bunch of idiots, with this Capitalist perspective where we think we own things, and we’re so superior. “This land is mine” and blah blah blah. “I am better than you because I have this”, bull shit attitude. Or “My God is the right god, and only god because…” Blah blah blah! Or “I’m male, you’re just a woman whose only use is good for making babies.” Or “White Power!” Or take how we treat each other over money. ” Oh my god! You have no money, you’re worthless!” etc, etc. We’re damn right mean to each other, yet we call ourselves “Civil.” It all sounds barbaric to me. You might as well whip out your penis and compare sizes, or for the women, compare breasts.

For some stupid reason we got it in our heads that people have to better than other people. Yet if you erased all those imaginary lines that divide us, no one would be greater than the other. We’d just be people.

Sure animals have their leaders. Such as a pack of wolves, or a pride of lion. Difference is their leaders don’t get corrupted and seduced by money, thus making them selfish. When it comes to animals, and their leaders, they have a responsibility, and they take it seriously. It’s not just about them, it’s about the entire groups survival as a whole. Matter of fact, they put the groups well being over themselves. They’d die defending and protecting their group. That sure as hell doesn’t sound like any human leader, now does it?

That’s the thing, maybe people just aren’t meant to have a leader. We clearly cannot handle that responsibility without becoming greedy and self-absorbed. We are unreliable in that sense. But when we co-exist and work together, we accomplish some pretty amazing things.

But no! We are too barbaric for that. We’d rather set each other on fire, or bomb each other over Religion. Or send drones to kill more people over oil. Sacrifice the lives of our soldiers to fight for this profitable oil because our leaders can never get enough money. They constantly need more. Yeah, people are a mentally deranged species.

I wonder if we will ever look back on our behavior and ask; was it really worth it? Is killing each other really worth it over imaginary lines? Or over an imaginary system built so that we think that money has value when in all truth it is completely worthless? Was hating each other really the solution?

But then again, we hate ourselves apparently. Trying to obtain the ideal body, the perfect hair, smile, etc. Matter of fact, we pressure each other over this shit. It’s all over the media, magazines, can’t go anywhere without some kind of subliminal message. Sometimes we even go to great lengths to accomplish this by cutting ourselves up through surgery ( Note: your body won’t provide any nutrients  for the earth once your dead if your body is plastic. Just saying.), injecting bacteria into our faces, frying our hair, ripping off our body hair, or even going under a laser. We bake ourselves, or spray chemicals all over our bodies for that perfect tan. The list goes on and on. It’s an obsession based on insecurity. Yet we call ourselves “civil”.

Let’s take a good look at that definition, shall we? Civil: adj 1: of or relating to citizens or the state as a political body. Relating to citizens? I think it is clear that we made that impossible to relate to each other by creating so much bullshit to divide each other. As for relating to the state as a political body is part of the problem in the first place. Politics and politicians seem to only create more problems, rather than resolve anything. If we worked together as a unit, a whole, we could kiss that bullshit system goodbye. Don’t vote. Don’t pay taxes. Fuck em! Their fucked in the head anyways, and aren’t doing anyone any good.  Maybe one day we could kiss money and oil goodbye. That would totally fuck those greedy fuckers right over. Ha Ha!

Anyway, back to the definition of civil. 2: Courteous and polite. You can scratch that one too, because obviously we are just too mean to each other to give ourselves that title of being courteous and polite.

3: of or relating to legal proceedings in connection with private rights and obligation (the code). What a pile of bullshit. The Government and even our police forces break their own rules. Just throw that right out the window. Especially since the Government wants to use cyber-bullying as an excuse to invade everyone’s privacy. Why would they want to do that? Doubt it has anything to do with cyber-bullying at all, but to invade the spaces of their threats out there, whom are the activists. So yeah, if that goes through, good bye privacy rights, and well done Government, you are NOT “civil.” Haha!

4: of relating to the general population: not military or ecclesiastical. Here we go again. Relating to the general population, that’s a joke. As I said before we make it impossible to relate to each other.

And that is that. Stop claiming to be civil, we obviously are not. The whole society is made up of barbaric “savage” people. That’s all people, no matter what race, culture, religion, social status, whatever. Civil, what a joke! No one is civil, we’re all stuck in the same situation. Matter of fact, we repeat it, rather than evolving and trying something new. We are too cowardly, too insecure to steer away from old customs.

The question is, how do we go about doing so?

We will never know if we never try. Sometimes we don’t fully know what we are capable of until we take a leap of faith. Besides, as I’ve come to realize, people learn best from their mistakes. If we’re too afraid to go astray and make mistakes, we learn jack-shit. We remain stagnant. That’s no good.

A part of me is skeptical when it comes to humanity, I’d rather call myself an alien. Another part of me holds onto hope. I hope things will be different for the younger generations, they don’t deserve this shit. But they will get whatever we teach. Think long and hard about that.

Don’t get me wrong, I still support Idle No More. I just firmly believe that the land belongs to nobody. The Earth is a living thing too. Saying you own it is like claiming another living being is your property. That’s just wrong. Not to mention, that is a Capitalist way of thinking.

Perhaps it was my long experience with abuse that has given me this perspective. Where I thought power and control only existed in my personal troubles. Ya know? Where I was treated like an object that an abuser claims to own. But as I ventured out into the world I see abuse is global. This made up system of hierarchy abuses not only their very own kind, but the land as well. I see utter chaos, it’s no wonder I experience anxiety. It’s everywhere.

Nobody owns Mother Earth, she lives. Her very breath we breathe in. But since the land cannot fight, or defend itself, then it is us that must speak up against the abuse. In order to do so, we are going to have erase all those imaginary lines ingrained in our minds so that we can truly unite. – Pooks

“Society cannot share a common communication system so long as it is split into warring factions.” – Bertolt Brecht


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