Pooks Return to Up with Art

Last night Up with Art took place at the Palace Theatre, and compared to the last time I participated in 2012, this year it was packed. It was like walking through a maze of people, it was fun. I have met some new people, and mingled with my fellow New School of Colour peeps.

Up with Art is a yearly fundraiser that is for a good cause, relief of the homeless in London.  There are lot’s of people, and artists within the community, and organizations that make the event possible. Proceeds that the event earns go to The Unity Project, which is a homeless shelter that provides support for those in need.

Thanks to Jeremy Jeresky for getting my art into the show. He’s not only a facilitator of the New School of Colour, a teacher, a friend, he’s like family ( a brother), and he’s like the New School of Colour’s own personal manager. He’s the one that pulls the strings and get’s our art out there. So huge thanks, he’s awesome. I didn’t capture a pic of him during the evening amongst the chaos, but he is appreciated. Matter of fact, he did say my painting would sell this year, and he was right! Thank you Lindsay Stevens for buying my painting and for doing your part in supporting the homeless. You rock!

I think the New School of Colour did well during this event, a lot of our art was sold by the end of the night. Matter of fact, one member, Sarah Curran, her art got sold online before the event even took place. Congrats! I am proud of my Ducky Doo! I knew it would do well, it caught my eye back when it was underground at the New School of Colour.

George Wallace got good news during the night. Not only did his piece sell too, but someone offered to show him how to take electronics apart, and put them back together. Not only that, they are going to give him electronic parts to use for his art. Big projects are ahead for George, a whole different level of art, and I am happy for him.

It was awesome that the event shed some light on Monica. She came a long ways. She was one of the people that had used the Unity Projects services, and she would go across the street to the New School of Colour to paint. She started this trend at the New School of Colour she calls “Drop Gravity.” She’s awesome, and I’m glad her story of success, how The Unity Project, and art, has made a positive impact on her life was shared.

That’s the thing, since the New School of Colour’s art studio is in the basement of a soup kitchen, we do meet and interact with the homeless on a regular basis. But that’s not all, all sorts of people come to the program, and it doesn’t matter what income they have, what race, age, or social stature they have, the New School of Colour has a way of proving that we are all people, and we can get along great with each-other.

At Up with Art I met Donnie Claudino, which I think I made a funny first impression because I was talking about holding an olive in my hand. Haha! I also met Jesse Helmer who is one of the people I follow on Twitter, so that was cool to meet someone off of Twitter. I also got a pic taken with Tara Overholt from CTV news. She was very nice.

During the event Melissa Parrot a.k.a DJ Media Frenzy was the D.J throughout the evening. Although there was barely any room to dance this year, everybody was kind of wiggling past each-other, but the tunes were great! Good job DJ Media Frenzy! I was happy to see her there!

I can go on and on about this event, it was very surreal. Just like the first time I had participated.

Although, this year there was an after party held at the East Village Coffee House, home to my favorite coffee. After I had walked a fellow artist to the bus stop, I did go. I just had to have my coffee. Haha! Anyway, there was a live band playing, and I was sitting beside an artist that was drawing the band as they played. She wanted to get closer, she thought it would be strange to sit on the floor, but I said “Go for it! You’re an artist!” I even tried something new, I never had prunes before, but the East Village Coffee House had samples out, and there were these prunes wrapped with bacon, they were delicious! I was pleasantly surprised. I think they were gluten free or something. Anyway, the interior of the East Village Coffee House looks amazing, I finally got to see what they’ve been working on so hard. Well done, the place looks great!

Anyway, the event was awesome, and I am pleased that the New School of Colour was a part of it. Even some of the younger artists from the New School of Colour youth programs had their art on display, and they too were amazing.

I didn’t have my children this weekend like I had thought. I’m still trying to get use to the schedule. But I did see them Friday, and we had our own adventure.

Next up, the Ark Aid Street Mission Fundraiser in June… 😉 – Pooks



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