My name is Pauline King Shannon, a.k.a Pooks. I love art, music and laughter. I’m a huge Corey Taylor fan, love both Slipknot & Stone Sour. I am a proud maggot.

I call myself an Alien Goddess. An alien because I don’t really fit in this world. I am very misunderstood. It was until recently that I realized that that is completely okay. I’m fine with it. I’m meant to stand out. As for the Goddess thing, Pablo Picasso once said that: Women are either Door mats or Goddesses. so clearly I made my choice.

I’m a tough cookie, been through a lot of shit. It’s time for a change.


2 comments on “About

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  2. Hello Pooks. Being different only makes you that much more precious in this realm and others. You’re not as alone as you may think. Don’t give up; live life to it’s fullest for yourself, not for anyone else. Thank you for putting this blog up. I came upon it by chance and have been captured by your prose. Take care and be well…

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