Stupid Frackin Greedy Bitches!

Fellow activists really need to stop this attitude, or mindset, that one is smarter than the other. It’s that way of thinking “I’m right, you’re wrong.” What ends up happening is that we end up bullying each-other. Trying to make someone feel stupid doesn’t help what we are trying to accomplish. In fact, it does the opposite. Rather than creating unity, it creates more fear, and deteriorates us apart from each-other.

I’ve noticed it more online, than in person. Matter of fact, I’m guilty of it. But, after much thought, I realize that is not how to go about the situation. Yes, we do encounter some ignorant people, that aren’t aware of the bigger picture. It can be challenging to explain without frustration. More challenging if the person you are trying to educate takes offense to the facts that are being said. Such as “We are all slaves.” People take offense to the word “slave”, and it should. You should be angry about it. But not take it as an attack from me or any other activist. We didn’t put you in that position, this stupid system that has been created to keep the wealthy spoiled rotten, put you in that position. I’m a “slave” too. Not by choice. I’d rather be painting, or writing. Doing what I am really passionate about.

All the people that work 9-5pm, wither they enjoy their jobs or not are slaves. Every dollar they make, they will spend, and who does it inevitably go back to? The Capitalists, Our Governments, Politicians, The Royal Family, The Pope and all those religious hierarchy,  The President, The Federal Banks, the bourgeoisie, etc, etc. The rich folk that don’t gotta do jack shit.  So while they spend your hard earned money in luxury, pampering themselves while millions of people suffer. People either struggle to make ends meet, or they are poor and starving. Not exactly fair. It’s a dumb little game, that needs to change. But this system is so ingrained in our heads, that change is feared. We are so well trained into it, we think we need money to survive. We need money so that we could eat. Say that again, we need money so that we could eat. Do we really? I bet gardeners, and farmers could live without it quite happily. What did we ever do before money ever existed?! Hmmm… Something to ponder. Before money came along, people used to trade, they used a bartering system. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that supposedly bartering has been made illegal, because the Government cannot tax it. Waaah! There’s no money for the Capitalists to gain if we bartered. Greedy bitches!

These Capitalists have become so addicted to greed, they don’t even value life anymore. Matter of fact, they will put everyone in danger, just so they can make more money. Ahem, profits they make off oil and fracking.

Look at the wars going on today. Have you not thought on why Iraq is being attacked? Because the U.S want’s their oil, plain and simple. War is no longer about fighting for freedom. It’s about fighting for profit.

As for Syria, Why is the U.S Government sending drones to kill off their people in the first place? Syria counter attacks by attacking their own people, the minority of Christians in their Country. Which Christianity is huge in the western countries. But what is it that the U.S are after that Syria feels they need to threaten Christians to scare off these military attacks?  My guess, oil. Seems to be the only thing our Governments care about. Which is freakin stupid!

These people in power don’t even think of the consequences of their actions. You cannot clean an oil spill, or a frackin spill. We do not have the technology to fix that kind of damage. But no, the Government thinks covering the land up with mesh, rolling sheets of grass over it, solves the problem. “If you can’t see it, it’s no longer a problem” kind of attitude. Just sweep it under the rug, turn your head, and pretend it’s not there. But if you look up video’s on youtube about Enbridge in Michigan, it proves, just because it’s covered up, doesn’t mean that it’s not still there. There’s a lot of damage to the environment, obviously. The animals, and the people in the surrounding area’s lives are still at risk.

I think the only thing that can truly fix an oil, or fracking spill, is lava. Lava turns everything into stone eventually. And through time, plant life begins to flourish. It’s the only thing that can put all that oil back where it belongs, in the ground. But of coarse that is something we cannot harness. That is something only Mother Nature can do. Not to mention, there aren’t volcano’s all over the world. They’re in random locations. It’s not like we can route lava from one part of the world, to another.

Back to how freakin stupid our “Leaders” are. They don’t even consider the possible futures of their own kids, or grand kids. Sure, they may be wealthy. But the environment they will leave for them will be an unhealthy one. What the heck are they going to eat and drink if we poison all our natural resources?! Hmm.. they haven’t really thought of that obviously. They are too selfish to think outside themselves, and their wealth.

Of coarse I’m concerned. I do have kids, and as a mother it is my duty to provide a bright future for them. That includes their environment. I want them to be able to eat fresh fruit, and vegetables, without having to worry about ingesting oil or any other poisonous substance, such as benzene.  I want them to be able to enjoy nature, swim in the waters, go fishing, without having to worry about the effects it will have on their health.

If you listen to the reality of the lives of the people that live with the results of these oil corporations actions, our Governments choices, it’s like a real life horror story. People in Michigan have gotten cancer, those that lived nearby the oil spills, such as Kalamazoo River.  People in Aamjiwnaang have similar stories, people dying of cancer.

I went to a presentation about fracking, which was presented at the University, one of the speakers was an 18 years old girl from Aamjiwnaang, and she shared a story about what happened to a pregnant dog that drank water from the creek. When her pups were born, they were all deformed, mutated, and they died. She also expressed the amount of death in her community has become a norm. People no longer mourn, they’ve become numb. Kudos to Vanessa Gray. She’s so young and brave to share the harsh realities that has effected her community.

At this presentation, a woman from Texas pointed out that at the beginning and ends of these pipelines are Indigenous communities. What’s with that? Clearly there is still some discrimination that needs to change.

If you are not with Idle No More yet, I suggest you start. As well as Occupy. We fight the same battle, against the same people. The more people that unite together, the better chance we have at stopping all this. As well as a better chance at creating a possible future for the younger generations, and those to come. The Greedy have gone too far. Life, and all living things are not something to take for granted. It’s simple, we need our water, or we’ll die. Same applies to our tree’s, we tend to forget they provide our oxygen.

The current system has it so we are in that mind-set to take care of ourselves. Yet, we should be acting as a whole, a giant community taking care of each-other, and our environment.  – Pooks

“Sooner or later, we will have to realize that the Earth has rights too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans.” – Evo Morales