Out of Balance

I guess once again I am writing 2 blogs in a week.
I didn’t make it to the New School of Colour yesterday, and maybe I should have went. But being pregnant and all, I listen to my body. If I feel like I need to desperately take a nap, I’ll nap. And that’s what happened. I had planned to go, but by the time 4:30pm rolled around, I was out like a light.
Anyways, it seems like during my absence an artist is trying to dominate the program. Making it all about her. She seems to have a habit of doing that. So if someone isn’t there to keep things fair between the artists, she clearly gets her way. And our new facilitator is being a bit of a door mat, and just let’s her.
The issue, this artist has her own art space where she works and displays her art. Well, now she has taken up more space. A table a friend of mine worked at has been removed to display even more of this artist’s work. And not only that, but she also has her work alone, on display on the wall upstairs at The Ark. Maybe I was mistaken, but I thought it was to be 2 artists at a time on display upstairs. So excuse me if I find this one particular artist not only being selfish, but greedy.
There is more than one artist involved in the New School of Colour. It isn’t fair to other artists if this one artist is only putting the spotlight on her own work, and not anyone else’s.
Like my friend said, “it’s the New School of Colour, Not Thorn N’ Thistle.” The brand name or supposed personal art and crafts company this artist likes to go under.
The facilitator, instead of standing up with my friend and fellow artist, just told her it’s “everyone’s space” when she saw her working station has been removed. Well then, tell that to the artist that is clearly being selfish for the limelight. IT’S EVERYONE’S SPACE!! I mean, the corner I work in hasn’t been touched, nor would it be. Why? Because Pooks is a respected artist. But clearly my friend whom was also a member of the New School of Colour, longer than I have ever been, doesn’t get the same amount of respect. Her art gets thrown in a box, and her station is removed to display this other artists work. What makes this other artist more special than anyone else?
Part of the reason I loved the New School of Colour was the diversity. The diversity of people, and the diversity of art. It never used to center around one artist. We treated eachother equal. Regardless if we got along or not. I mean, no we’re not ALL friends. But we shared the same goal, to create. And just by that alone, we respected eachother. Well, clearly that is falling apart. Because this artist and her friend don’t really respect any of the other artists apparently.
If I had my way, I would do my best to keep things fair. Every artist gets thier time in the limelight. I love all thier work. Heck, I sure as hell wouldn’t be just displaying my own work only. I’m not like that. I put others before myself. My work is rarely on display upstairs, and I don’t mind. I have my own ways of getting my art out there, not all the artists have that advantage and I know that.
So yeah, needless to say I am not impressed with what I am hearing is happening at the New School of Colour. Ya know? We’ve lost lots of artists that don’t attend anymore after the change of facilitators. And now we might lose another artist because one artist is only thinking of themselves.
If she wants the limelight so bad, than why not do another solo exhibition at EVAC like she’s done before? She did it once, she can do it again.
The point is, the New School of Colour is made up of several people, not just one person alone.
Sure I may draw in attention. But maybe that’s because of the amount of impact the program has had my life. It saved mine.
Not only that, I worked my ass off getting my alias name out there. Not with just art, but social media, and my writing. Heck, this blog has even made Pooks into a reality. If I didn’t have the support that I do, thank you all, Pooks would not be.
Did I ever have to sink to levels such as taking over the New School of Colour for attention? No. Instead, I am grateful for the program, and have always tried to give back to the New School of Colour and the Ark Aid Street Mission through my art. 10% of the proceeds that my art sells for goes back to The Ark or New School. I don’t mind. My art has never been about the money, unlike this other artist that is being an issue. My art has always been about expression. My personal healing. That’s what I use it for.
So it might be awhile before I return to the New School of Colour, since I can go into labour any day now. But I swear, if this nonsense doesn’t get straightened out before my return, than yeah, I will step up and bring balance back to the New School of Colour. All the artists deserve to be acknowledged as a whole. – Pooks



The Grand Finale

Time to start thinking about what to write, this is my last blog post of 2014. I know, I promised a gratitude list, as well as a new years resolution…I’ll get to it.

I don’t really have much to write about if I write about this past week. I mean, I didn’t see my children for the holidays as I had thought I would. I thought I would see them on the 27th, and they would be over for the weekend. But yeah…holiday hours. Merrymount was closed. The exchange didn’t happen. So yeah, it was a very quiet Christmas. But I guess all that quiet time gave me an opportunity to be creative, in numerous ways. Not to mention, plenty of rest. I will see my children January 3ird though, and it will be awesome.

Now it’s time to show you what I have been doing. I’ll start off with a poem I wrote. Go to the link provided here if you’re interested in reading it. http://pooks82.weebly.com/pooks-poetry/see-with-your-eyes-closed

I also updated part of that website, the Photos of the Artist section, and added a Flashback Gallery. Which kinda gives you a glimpse into my past. You may notice a lot of the other faces have been edited and blurred out. But it’s symbolic in a way, bringing forth the neglected child into the spotlight. The only other person that is not blurred out would be my birth mother, Elizabeth King. My roots from which I came from. http://pooks82.weebly.com/photos-of-the-artist/flashback-gallery

I also did this painting that I called “Round Dance.” I attempted to do this abstract piece, that was experimenting with colour theory, mixing colours. The only colours I had to use were yellow and navy blue. Any variation in colour would have to be mixed between the two. So I was getting different shades of blue, and green. A lime colour, army green, even a greyish colour. It was very tedious trying to paint with the crappy brush I was using. My lines were getting sloppy, and for a perfectionist, that drives me insane! So I took it in a different direction, and added white paint. Painting with a bottle cap. I also added india ink, and let it drip freely as I flipped it around to get the ink moving. I recall using an old business card to swipe and swoosh with. You can kinda see my frustration in the piece. Haha! It turned out pretty cool though. Even though most of my green colours have been covered up by the layers. Some of the white paint mixed in with the india ink as it was drying. So watching the transformation was quite fascinating.

All Rights Reserved. All Photos Property of Pauline King Shannon (Pooks) ©

” Round Dance.” All Rights Reserved. All Photos Property of Pauline King Shannon (Pooks) ©

What else? Oh yeah. I take a lot of “selfies”, and have fun with photo editors. In this case, I played with this thought of meeting myself. The dark side of myself meets the light side of myself. Kinda like a Yin Yang image, but through a self-portrait. That was fun. Dress up one way, make up, hair, clothes, and what not for one shot. Then change again, different clothes, different make up for another shot, just to represent two sides of myself. I kinda wanted to capture that androgynous appeal I have as well. Then the magic begins. The photo editing and combining two separate images into one. The whole process must have taken me hours. But I did it. Voila! The masterpiece!

"So we meet again old Friend." All Rights Reserved. All Photos Property of Pauline King Shannon (Pooks) ©

“So we meet again old Friend.” All Rights Reserved. All Photos Property of Pauline King Shannon (Pooks) ©

So yeah, that kinda displays some of what I have been up to. On to a gratitude list. I’ll start off with I’m grateful for all this spare time I had to create whatever my lil heart desires.

Now for a 2014 review…

I am grateful for…

…. my children and their love.

.. Well I think it’s obvious, is for those friendships that have come and gone. It’s been an awakening, and made me more grateful for those that do stick with me throughout my journey despite whatever I think or say. Offensive or not. I’m also grateful that they don’t try to take advantage of my time, or hold me responsible for someone I am not even responsible for.

… soup, and potatoes. some of muh fave foods.

… Merrymount. At the beginning of the year my visits changed from 2 hours to 7 hours. Then they changed to weekends. Every third Friday is a 4 hour visit and exchanges are elsewhere. My ex and I did try to do exchanges on our own for a while, that didn’t work out because of trust and communication issues. So thank Merrymount for taking us back on, and keeping everyone safe.

… the time and experience I had volunteering at The Arts Project, and the Ark Aid Street Mission. The Arts Project surrounds me with the art community, and environment, I love it. As for The Ark, oh wow. Have I ever grown and changed a lot since I first attended that place. My perspectives have changed, especially towards those experiencing poverty and homelessness. I find myself defending the homeless to this day against judgement and labels. They too are people.

… running into people I have volunteered with, and they recognize me, and stop to say hi. That’s cool.

… my neighbors and the numerous times they’ve helped me out. Either shoveling my path, or helping me out with sugar or smokes. Even mowing my front lawn a couple times.

… all the art shows I got to be a part of. Most of those experiences wouldn’t be if it weren’t for Jeremy Jeresky. He’s like a manager that way to the New School of colour artists.  I guess he practically had to beg to get my painting into Up with Art 2014. Glad he did though, and it got in, because my art actually sold this year and it helped raise money for The Unity Project! Yaaaay!

All Rights Reserved. All Photos Property of Pauline King Shannon (Pooks) ©

All Rights Reserved. All Photos Property of Pauline King Shannon (Pooks) ©

…for all the people who have bought my art throughout the year. Including my “Brainwasher” oil painting. A painting that took me forever to complete.

All Rights Reserved. All Photos Property of Pauline King Shannon (Pooks) ©

All Rights Reserved. All Photos Property of Pauline King Shannon (Pooks) ©

… silly moments where I can laugh at myself.

… that I am true and as honest I am. That I am as expressive as I am, even if some people get disturbed by it. I keep it real.

… Food Not Bombs. I enjoyed their vegan meals a few times this year. Including Christmas Eve, and before the Santa Clause Parade

… being adventurous and spontaneous. Halloween, what a freakin night! Haha! Having a blast with complete strangers.

… Completing the Intro to Sociology Summer Intermission coarse at UWO. Even with the anxiety. Kudo’s! Bravo! Bravo! At least I got away with one credit before I got the boot due to “mental health.” Nyeh nyeh! 😛

… writing a book! Which I had always dreamed of doing. A collection of my art, artist statements, poetry, blog posts, etc…all rolled into one. I might do a continuation on that.

All Rights Reserved. All Photos Property of Pauline King Shannon (Pooks) ©

All Rights Reserved. All Photos Property of Pauline King Shannon (Pooks) ©

… water balloon fights with my children, and the other messy things we do. Get into food colouring…paint… walks through mud…Haha! They really bring out my inner-child. They bring out the best in me.

… all the summer festivals in London. Seriously, part of the reason why I love summer so much is because of the festivals and activities.

… the rain, and the numerous times I got rained on like a lil’ flower. Haha!

…the continuous learning. Even though I am no longer in school, I educate myself. And as I said before, there are places forming here in London, Free Schools, for the anti- capitalists, activists, anarchists, peace keepers, etc.

…being strong enough to dust myself off after that recent online Idle No More incident. I was feeling rather depressed, and losing faith in humanity. But like a long distant friend had said to me; “The world needs you.” Thank her for that. I’m not sure what for, but I do have a purpose here. My life is my message.

…My Leads worker. The workers I’ve had at Leads have all been amazing.

… my OW worker. Even though we got off to a rough start, I think we have gotten to a point where there’s respect. I think we understand better where we’re both coming from.

… my inspirations. H.R Giger, Salvador Dali, and a huge inspiration this year; Marilyn Manson

…being in touch with my biological family on FB. Apparently they are just as silly as me. It must run in the fam. Haha!

… the conservation areas in London. Sometimes it’s a nice getaway from the concrete jungle.

… for the days I do wake up early, and for those nights I do stay up late. It varies. I’m grateful for both.

… my numerous skills and talents. I’m not entirely sure how to incorporate them into society. But when it comes to creating for my own personal fun, I can do some amazing shit.

I’ll leave it as that for now when it comes to my gratitude list for 2014. I could keep going, but this blog post would clearly just go on and on. By doing that, I can see I had a pretty good year. Even if it did have some rough patches. I will make my 2015 awesome, wherever it takes me.

I don’t really have plans for New Years. I was supposed to be sitting here typing, but nope. I woke up early today and got an early start on this. I might go to a documentary film screening today around 5pm. That would give me something to do. But as for New Year celebrations…I don’t normally do anything.

My New Years Resolution…should be a goal that won’t lead to disappointment. Hm…To continue to become more Pooks, and what I think she is. Create more, write more, paint more, fight more for my beliefs and values, learn and grow more. That I believe I can do. So on that note, kiss 2014 good bye, and bring on 2015! I’m ready. – Pooks

All Rights Reserved. All Photos Property of Pauline King Shannon (Pooks) ©

Saved this photo for the very end. The grand finale! Haha! All Rights Reserved. All Photos Property of Pauline King Shannon (Pooks) ©

“With rebellion, awareness is born.” – Albert Camus

The Clenching of the Rope

Since I had the sprained ankle, I kinda fell behind in my classes. But luckily, I am catching up.

I did attempt going to school 2 days on crutches, but nuh -uh. That wasn’t working out very well. It made me very sore and exhausted all the time. I get pretty grouchy if I’m in pain, hungry, or tired. When I get either of those 3 things, I get grouchy, as in impatient, and kinda get a bit snappy at people. Can’t be having that.

I wasn’t necessarily stable on crutches. I was kinda wobbly, like a person learning to ride a bike. With that being said, I was pretty much another accident waiting to happen. I was absolutely terrified of falling down another flight of stairs, so I decided stay home until I was back up on two feet. 2 weeks of recuperating, and a lot of studying at home.

Anyway, my ankle wasn’t entirely healed, but I decided it had it’s rest, it was time to exercise it. At first it was very uncomfortable to walk. My foot was still swollen, so it felt rather awkward. And it was slightly painful because I had some bruising on the top of my foot.  So having to put on a shoe, and walk, and having the top of my shoe push against my bruise with every step I took… Ow.

Well, I am mostly healed up now. There is just a little swelling on my ankle. The bruises on my foot healed, but the big bruise down my shin is taking a lot longer to heal. I still wear a tensor bandage to support my ankle for whenever I go out.

If I said that I fell down in front of the SSC, I meant to say the MC at UWO. I keep wanting to write up a comment to drop off in the comment box, to suggest railings, and something to be put on the actual stairs so they aren’t as slippery. Thing is, I always forget to do so when I am there.

I slipped while it was raining, and now there’s snow. Wither it be sand, or those mats, or even the same kind of orange rubbery material placed on side walks for blind people, that could work. Something just needs to be there to make it safe, so that others don’t do the same, and go flying down the stairs like I did. I suppose I could have wore better footwear, I was wearing dress shoes, that didn’t necessarily have any grip at the bottom to them. But I’m not the only female student that wears dressy shoes. Although, since the incident, I’ve been wearing my sneakers.

That’s enough about my ankle. It’s healing up nicely. Moving on! I got my first essay assignment returned. I got 70%. A lot better than I thought I would get, and that was without any assistance. University is supposed to be a learning experience, so I decided to write it on my own, and to see where my skills stand. Risky move, I admit, but you learn best from your mistakes.

My IS worker is going to try to arrange something so I can write up a make up exam for sociology. I already did my first art history exam, and there is another one coming up soon next month. I handed in my essays for sociology and art history. The essay I mentioned earlier was regarding my art history essay. I am still waiting for the return of my sociology critical thinking assignment. But that one was 5 pages long. My art history essay only had to be 1000 words. So it’s understandable that it would take more time to grade.

I have been struggling with Visual Arts. Measuring, proportions. I keep being told to draw a larger scale. Plus a part of me is uncomfortable with being told what to draw, how to draw, like we all gotta be able to draw the exact same in the same way. Perhaps my valuing of individuality is what’s behind the fact that that idea kind of bothers me in a way. But, I am sticking with it, and am trying my best. I’m there to learn skills that I could possibly use in future art projects of mine.

It was suggested that perhaps I could drop out of one class, and only take 2, I’d still be a part time student. Sure I get overwhelmed, especially when I fall behind. But I fell behind due to an injury. According to my IS worker, I missed 2 weeks, that isn’t that bad. I can still get all caught up. I have until Monday morning to think about it. My current thoughts on that is that would be like giving up. I’m too stubborn to give up, and I feel confident I can get caught back up to speed. I mean, I just need to take that sociology exam. As for visual arts, since studio class assignments are done in class and handed in at the end of the day, my IS worker is going to try to arrange it so that I can make up for the marks lost, by the next assignments being graded even higher. So if an assignment was to be ?/5, assignments would be marked ?/10.

Besides that, I finally finished that oil painting I’ve been working on, which seems like forever, over a year. I decided to call it “Brainwasher.” Also, at the New School of Colour, I was interviewed for a video. I giggled a lot. I tend to do that when I’m nervous. It’s not only a coping mechanism, but I have turned laughter into a habit over the years. A good habit.

The New School of Colour now has a new media guru who will be advertising events, updating FB and Twitter, taking photos and videos, etc. He kinda surprised me when we first met. His first words were “The famous Pauline King Shannon.” I was not expecting that. Famous eh? When did that happen? Haha! Anywho, glad he’s on board with this lovable bunch called, the New School of Colour. Welcome to the family 🙂

Speaking of the New School of Colour, I actually mentioned it in my Art History essay, because I am involved with it. I speak from experience. One of the things I said within my essay was …

“What I find mesmerizing about this, is that while the participants are creating art, the participants are in fact a part of Jeremy Jeresky’s art project, the New School of Colour: the space, the people, all play a part. The space and every one functioning in that space, is the art piece.”

Anywho, just thought I’d share that. I apologize for all the babbling about my ankle at the beginning of this post, but that was my life for 2 weeks, or more, since it’s not entirely healed yet. But it is a lot better than it was, and no pain anymore.

I’m not sure what I’ll be working on next when it comes to my next New School of Colour art project. All I can say, is that it will be another oil painting, and on a canvas. Probably bigger. An idea has not come to me yet.

Besides all that, my visits with my kids are going superbly. Always fun, and it’s nice to get out and walk with them for awhile. Even if it’s just to a store. At our last visit, we built a snowman, and then demolished it by attacking it with snowballs. We also played hide and seek. Yeah, we were in the parking lot, but the playground in the back of the C.A.S building was “closed”. There’s not many places for the kids to play in that area, so we just kind of make the best of what’s around. A woman did approach us, and say that’s not safe and blah blah blah. I think she said the same thing 3 freakin times. She doesn’t want us to get in trouble, playing in the parking lot is not safe, etc, etc. So yeah, we went to the store, returned to the building and had our snacks indoors. I promised both my kids they could have hot chocolate next time. I have to admit, that little machine in the C.A.S building is fascinating. It even gives you a cup! Haha! My kids and I were all just flabbergasted by this thing!

But yeah, things were kind of stressful, and overwhelming for a little while, but that was only temporary. Everything is temporary. So yeah, things are good, and I’m feeling pretty confident I can make up for lost time in school. Nope, I’m not giving up. Sure I may be struggling in visual arts, but lets face it, I am very passionate about art. So it would be silly to consider dropping that. As for sociology. I am loving it, and learning a lot. I’m pretty sure I’m a conflict theorist. At least that’s the perspective I find easiest to write from. I find the functionalist perspective to be too passive. That’s the way it’s meant to be, kind of attitude. Umm…no. It doesn’t have to be.

This blog post is long enough, so I shall leave it at that. Enjoy, and thanks for reading all this babble that hides within my head. – Pooks

“Self-confidence gives you the freedom to make mistakes and cope with failure without feeling that your world has come to an end or that you are a worthless person.”

– Unknown


Reality hasn’t sunk in yet, of me actually believing I am in fact a student of U.W.O as of this coming Fall.

I have been accepted. I am registered for my courses. I even got confirmation that NNEC will pay for my tuition and books. So I just need to find that part-time job for living expenses and art supplies.

I don’t know, maybe attending an orientation will make me believe that this is actually happening.

Besides that, my Leads worker gave me an excellent idea, which is to try to volunteer at the upcoming Home County Music and Arts Festival. As well as hand out resumes there, because that seems to be right in my field of interest, art. I downloaded an application form to be a volunteer, I just need to make my way to the library to print it off. I’ll need to go to the library anyways, to print off a form for me to sign confirming that I accept NNEC’s assistance.

Counseling is going well, I think. My counselor wants to work on changing the way I think. I will trust her. I sure as hell didn’t trust the church when they tried. I do value my individuality. I would rather be different, than blend in. I don’t want that to be tampered with. I am not a sheep. I’m not a clone. I seem to be more wild than that, and perhaps I am meant to be. That I do believe. Although, there are some thought patterns that could use some work. Probably why I draw in negative people, and why I often get confused for prey, or a pushover. Which I am definitely not, and those that do think these of me, usually get a nasty surprise at some point. Something I learned over the years, sometimes you got to be mean. If you’re too nice all the time, people take advantage, and think they can walk all over you.

Trust is a huge thing for me, I trust so few. I am very picky on who it is I will trust. I will spend a lot of time observing, and analyzing people and their actions. Determining if I am safe or not. It could take months, years even. So trusting my counselor so soon, that is going to be a huge step.

Anyway, I think we are bonding. I like her, she seems nice. Plus, the fact that I actually get out of bed to attend these appointments, that says something itself. It actually means I want to be there.

What else? I went to Sunfest, and this year did something I never did before. There was a Spanish band performing live, and there were people dancing in front of the stage. To my right, I saw a round dance. At first I watched it, observing how the people moved, and the smiles on their faces. It drew me right in, and next thing you know, I was a part of it. I’m really glad I did join in, it was really fun.

As the night progressed, it began to rain. But still the people danced, and I did as well. I was dancing with complete strangers and enjoyed every moment of it.

Yesterday I returned to the New School of Colour at the Ark Aid Street Mission. I had received a message from a friend, and old facilitator of the program, Hailey. She had moved to Montreal, but was visiting for a few days for Sunfest. Anyway, she said she was going to stop in at the New School of Colour that evening, and she’d hope to see me. At first it was a bit awkward returning there. There are some members I no longer associate with. Mainly one, but the other doesn’t like to get caught in the middle of things, so I backed right off and let her go as well. I basically just got all my art together to take home. For the rest of the evening I socialized with other artists. As well as assist one with mixing colours.

When Hailey did show, there were some surprised faces. That was awesome. While she was there she drew an amazing portrait of Walter and gave it to him as a gift. That was sweet.

After the program was finished for the night, she drove me and my art home. It was nice seeing her again. Good luck to her out in Montreal, she finally got accepted into the program she wanted. She’s another step closer to achieving her dream. Her advice, was basically not to give up. To be persistent about my goals. If you want something, you keep trying. So yeah, when it comes to this joint custody thing, I’m not backing down. My children deserve their mother.

I’m not sure how much longer I will be able to attend the New School of Colour, especially when I start school. I won’t be able to attend Wednesday mornings anymore, I will be in my sociology class when that takes place. As for Monday evenings, that depends on what hours I get when I find work. Plus, I am going to have to figure out how to work other things around that schedule as well, such as my Leads appointments, and counseling.

I will try not to think too much about it. When I do think too much about something, my anxiety tends to go through the roof, and I make myself physically nauseous. I don’t want that. I need to try my best to make this transition as smooth as possible. So yes, remain in the present, lets not get to far ahead shall we!

Oh yeah! Before I forget, I went to my first First Nation Housing Co-op meeting as one of the Board of Directors. It was nice meeting the other members, and yeah, they were getting me all caught up on what has been going on. Basically, my job is to decide what is best for the co-op, along with the rest of the Board of Directors. Yeah, I can do that. Maybe it’s not going to be as hard as I expected it to be.

It was funny because the night prior was the night I was dancing in the rain.  I threw my shoes in the dryer and on the way to this meeting, I got caught in a down pour. Not exactly how I wanted to show up to my first meeting, soaking wet. Haha! But hey, I wasn’t the only one. I just thought it was funny, all that effort to dry my shoes, just to be soaked in the rain anyways.

It was a good first meeting. I felt welcomed, and encouraged. So yeah, glad to be a part of the team. It is another opportunity to learn new things, and I love to learn. So yeah, perfect for a little sponge like me.

Anyway, to get completely off topic here, if you visit my weebly website, http://pooks82.weebly.com/ , you may notice I wrote a poem about how I love to go for walks,  and I try to portray what I see. I am going to end this blog, with a link that leads you to another site. It’s just nice to see that another artist out there see’s nature the way I do, and since he’s a photographer, he can capture that beauty. – Pooks


“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”- Eckhart Tolle

A Distracting Transition

I have been busy lately, some days even distracted.

Anyway, Nuit Blanche has come and gone. I had 2 hours to quickly browse through everything.

The New School of Colour video created by Patrick Barfoot was displayed on a large screen at Museum London, so it was a bit strange walking into that room and seeing my own face on the screen. Anyway, there was interactive art taking place there, and I made sure I contributed a little something.

My contribution to the New School of Colour's interactive art at Nuit Blanche 2013

My contribution to the New School of Colour’s interactive art at Nuit Blanche 2013

I even seen a familiar face that I haven’t seen in awhile, someone that volunteered at the Ark Aid Street Mission. It was nice to see his face. That just took me by surprise.

The Facilitator ( of the New School of Colour) spoke to me as I was drawing my little contribution. He does that. Seems to spot me out in these crowds at festivals and makes a little time to catch up. Anyway, he said if I need any help with essays or something regarding school, shoot him a text. That’s cool that he also supports me outside of the New School of Colour. He’s a fan of my work, and I guess he wants to see me succeed.

At Nuit Blanche I also met the man behind the art I’ve been admiring around the city. I see his work in various windows downtown, Steve Tracy. He was also doing an interactive art piece, which will be auctioned off to raise money for children with a rare flesh disease. Kudos to Steve. Not only his art admirable, so are his actions.

Later on that night I volunteered at The Arts Project, keeping count, and greeting guests. There were thousands that night. But hey, I met one of the actors from The Easter Egg, a play I’ve seen twice from volunteering at The Arts Project. I thought that was pretty cool. He was nice, and I wasn’t the only one that recognized him from the play.

Besides that, I finally got everything I need together to apply for NNEC, funding for my education. I was hunting a fax machine yesterday, and was surprised to find out that the library no longer has a fax machine accessible to the public anymore. So I decided to try the Namerind Friendship Centre, and they had already packed it up. They are getting ready to move back into their own building. They said it could be a week until they have everything hooked up and running again. So I’m in a bit of a pickle. Maybe the Indigenous Services at the University could help me out. I just need to fax some papers off.

Yesterday I had an appointment at the Student Success Centre and I am now registered for my classes. I had the choice between two different Sociology courses, the difference between them was one involved more participation in class, the other has more essay writing. I decided for my first year to do the course that involves class participation.  Being that it is my first year, I want to be able to scope things out first, and I don’t want to overwhelm myself too much. I expect I will be be experiencing quite the culture shock, so I kinda want to keep the first year as smooth as possible. I could always take an essay writing sociology class another year after I get the hang of things in University.

I will also be taking a Visual Arts Studio class. It will introduce me to all sorts of mediums, but I mainly wanted to take it to touch up on my weaknesses, which is texture, proportion, and colour theory. I’m not going to miss Colour Theory this time around. I missed it in high-school, I missed it in college, I’m not going to miss again.

The third course I will be taking is Visual Arts History. 3 courses, because I will be a part time student. Although my worker at Indigenous Services thinks I should be a Full-time student. Maybe next year, we’ll see.

I missed my Leads appointment this week, we were supposed to do job interview practice. For some reason I had it in my head that the appointment was for next week. Then I looked at my planner a bit too late in the day and realized I was wrong. So yeah, I am a bit distracted. I am trying my best not to stress out. Some days are more successful than others.

Obviously, once I sort out how my education will be funded, and I get everything for school in place, that is when I can worry and put all my energy into finding a part-time job.

Who knows? I might apply at the Goodwill Store. The guy that trained me there while I was doing my cash register training, the manager, it sounded like he wanted to see me again. Perhaps, hoping that I bring in a resume. So that is a good sign. But first things first, get everything lined up for school.

As I said, lots has been happened lately, I cannot possibly write it all out, it would be like reading an entire chapter. Pages and pages.  Keep in mind ,this is just a blog.

I am currently waiting to hear from First Nation Housing Co-Op so that I can get a copy of my key to the front door. I somehow lost in within my travels between UWO and Fanshawe College. I have a flimsy key ring. So yeah, no more wearing my keys around my neck until I get a more sturdy key ring. I was dreading that I would have to somehow break into my home. But no, I lucked out. I actually do still have the key to the back door, plus 2 old keys that don’t work at all. No idea why I carry them, but I do. I couldn’t lose one of the useless ones,  it had to be my front door key. Go figure. – Pooks

“Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.”- Tom Stoppard

The Beauty of Letting Go

So since I let go of the excess baggage, a supposed friend that lies, and just loves to fuck with my head. Not worth it. That is not a “true” friendship. Nor is it a healthy one, certainly not for my mental health. Anyway, good things have been happening since.

I went to an appointment I had booked at the Student Success Centre since I have been accepted into University. We started to look at my options. Sure it would be nice to do the art, and writing thing. My two passions. But I have to stay focused and choose my modules wisely. I need to keep in mind that the original plan is to go to UWO to learn something that can guarantee me a job afterward. A job that  I can enjoy. A job I can use to support my children financially for weekends and invest in the two things I’m passionate about. So I could start with art the first year, but not let that be my main focus. Look at it as learning the skills I may need work on. Texture, proportion, and colour theory. There are so many options, so many possibilities. It’s exciting. I could even get a PH.D in Philosophy if I wanted to, although I’m not sure exactly how handy that would come in the job field.

I also finally managed to submit a painting into the Framing the Phoenix Art Exhibition. I am just waiting for confirmation that the person that it is to go to, got it. Since she wasn’t present when I had dropped it off, I had left it with one of the women on the third floor of the Regional Health Center.

Afterward, I stopped in at The Framing and Arts Centre where the New School of Colour (My Sisters Place location) is having an art exhibition. Which is called; A Sister Spring Art Exhibition. To my surprise, my painting was already sold. The kind women told me who the buyer was, but I cannot remember their name. So to the buyer of “Plastic Flowers” by Pooks, I just want to thank you. I am grateful, and for purchasing art from the show, you have kept it possible for me to continue what I do. The money goes to the New School of Colour, and they will use it on supplies and whatever else is needed. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I even received big news yesterday, probably the best news of all. My little sister is pregnant. When she shared the news on Facebook, she also changed her profile picture to a picture I edited of her and I. I know, I love you too sis! She probably wishes I were there in Ottawa with her, but I am here in London. Nevertheless, still rooting her on, and praying that she has a safe and healthy pregnancy. She has always dreamed of being a mother one day, and I know she will make a good one. Yeah, the first time can be scary and stressful. But in the end, when the baby is born, the experience was worth it, and it is overall beautiful. I am proud to be her baby’s Aunt, even if the baby is still incubating. 5 more months to go! You can do it Sister! Eat lots! Stay healthy! Listen to your doctor!


Anyway, I slept in today, missing the New School of Colour at My Sisters Place, which runs from 10 – 11:30am. I’m not really a morning person. But I think it helps having it in the morning. It helps turn my internal, backwards, nocturnal clock around. Even though I did have my alarm set for 7am, I woke up at 10am. Still, I see a positive in it. I’m actually awake in the morning.

I just received confirmation that my painting was received for the Framing the Phoenix Art Exhibition. As well as kind words stating that it is an “intriguing piece.” The show will be April 30th to May 4th. Opening reception is April 30th, 7-9pm at The Arts Project.

On with my day, my Leads appointment has been cancelled by the worker. Hope she’s okay. So I guess I’ll see her in another 2 weeks.

I have a visit with my children this evening, Yaaaay! I love Wednesdays.

So I guess it’s just figuring out what to do with myself until then. I think I might hit the London Food Bank. So that I can have something to eat before my visit. Trust me, I’ll need the energy, my kids are active, which I absolutely love. I also love their imaginations. Every visit is a surprise. I never know what to expect.  – Pooks